We love working with all genres, signed or unsigned, upcoming artiste or record labels.

We offer tailor-made music promotion to artists and record labels across various genres and geography, goals, and needs, thereby helping you broaden your audience, be heard by radio stations, and earn recognition from the media outlet.

From R&B, hip-hop, pop, Afro-pop, rock, and Fusion, 69 Entertainment works with talents, artists to help them realize their musical dreams – we help get your music, brand, album, E.P, or singles promoted.

What we do

Streaming promotion

We work with you to reach thousands of new fans, get your music heard, and grow your audience on the world’s most popular streaming services. We carefully plan each campaign to deliver results leveraging on combined industry experience, and a powerful network of influencers to help you get the best results. We do:

  • Spotify Promotion
  • Tidal Promotion
  • Amazon Promotion
  • Deezer Promotion
  • Napster Promotion
  • Audiomack Promotion
  • Google Music Promotion
  • Mixed Streams
What we do

Radio promotion

Want your sound to be heard on the radio? This can be your reality.

At 69 Entertainment, we get your music played on the best radio stations. We carefully plan each campaign to deliver results leveraging on combined industry experience, and a powerful network of influencers to help you get the best results.

Our team of creative, hardworking, and resourceful radio pluggers works directly with some of the biggest radio stations across Nigeria to ensure you get heard – whatever your genre.

What we do

Music marketing services

We work with music artists to get your sound into official charts as well as help you grow your fanbase and get thousands of new listeners to the targeted audience. Work with us at 69 entertainment with an assurance of delivery on real results using industry and innovative marketing techniques.

Our team of industry experts, music, radio, TV, P.R and social media professionals work with you to accelerate your marketing through playlists, triller and TikTok trend, audio Mack, influencer marketing, online and prints publications, social media management, content creation, third party music platforms for exposures, whilst driving real fan engagement and growth.

What we do

Artist Development

We take a tailor-made approach to your music career, help increase awareness around you, and help develop your brand & style, marketing your way to sustainable success.

We manage you and your development by connecting you to the best creatives, from music producers to video directors. Also, deliver services such as artist relations, promotion, song production, social media marketing, and vocal coaching.

  • Branding & social media strategy
  • Growing your audience
  • Music industry connections
  • Creative assets, videos & photoshoots
  • Songwriting, music production, and A&R
What we do

Event PR & Management

A good reputation is the most valuable asset a brand can have. At 69 entertainment, our event management service takes you from the beginning stages of planning your event all the way to the day of your event. We manage your brand and event from PR planning, press release creation, Journalist engagement, Advertorial writing, to Media buying.

Our experienced team can assist you with specific event support or provide a comprehensive event management service, taking responsibility for every aspect of the event. We will look after all the creative input and development, as well as the production and logistics. In our experience, detailed project planning is essential for the success of any kind of event, ensuring nothing is missed, the chance of last-minute problems cropping up is minimized and everything runs smoothly.

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