Driving REAL fan engagement and Growth for a Short Movie Project

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Alt Scenes | Lady Koi Koi

Check out this wonderful job we did!

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Content Marketing

Lady Koi Koi— a short movie released on Alt Scenes TV YouTube Channel in 2021. The movie is inspired by a popular high school folktale about a mysterious lady monster who haunts high-schoolers. Directed by Praise Onyeagwalam [aka Director Pink].
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  • Alt Scenes | Lady Koi Koi


Create pre-launch awareness for the movie
Drive engagement for the movie on YouTube.


In order to drive real fan engagement, our team at 69 designed a social media marketing strategy and also executed the strategy. The strategy involved countdown activities including spotlighting each cast, behind the scene videos, trailer releases and promoted posts. We also continued to manage social media pages after the movie launch to drive organic conversation around the movie.


It was an overall successful experience. The movie had
About 300k views upon launch.
1000+ daily engagement on social media.

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