Joeboy- Somewhere In Between Beauty and Magic (Album Review)

An addictively good mid-tempo, mushy music delivered in short time” 

This is the definition of Joeboy’s sound in one sentence. His album SBBM is an affirmation of this. He delivers his magic in simple, easy-to-follow lyrics that have high repeat value. 

Dropped on the 4th of Feburary, 2021, the 34-minute long album, Something Between Magic and Beauty is a 14-track album where Joeboy features no one but explores different ranges around his signature serenading velvety sound.

“You no fit count me out. ‘Cause I no dey shout, doesn’t mean I don’t know what I am about”

The album opens the a with a bragado piece COUNT ME OUT. Here, Joeboy announces his permanence and dexterity as a serial hitmaker. The confidence in this piece of art is discernible. He also references the magic in his journey;

“As I reach here e be like magic, oh. I know you don’t under it, eh. I drop hit I drop smash it. Na so e go dey I’m never stopping, eh.

The track is an interesting mixture of a primary Afrobeat rhythm with classical instrumentals. 

“You no need to buga. You no need to form”

FOCUS tells the story of unrequited love characterised by all things except being straightforward. Delivered in a mellow tempo you could dance to this while drinking a bottle of wine, Focus, is a vibrant track with a contagious soundscape composed of steady drums and a playful wind instrument. The visuals to this tracks further deepens the emotions in the track. 


NUMBER ONE reminds one of Joeboy’s hit tracks, Baby and Beginning. Short, easy lyrics, upbeat with a touch of piano and violin. 

Creatively crafted, POLICE is one track that’s filled with emotions. Also hammering on the theme of unrequited love. Still evident of the fact that Joeboy is just a boy who loves to love. 

Sitting on number 5 is DOOR, a danceable track which also has a mid-tempo sound, steady drums, and wind instrument to compliment.  This one sounds like something Tekno would do. Once again, a show of Joeboy’s range.

Chronologically, SHOW ME is an almost-perfect follow-up to Door as this seems like the climax of the album. The song portrays the story of a helpless romantic whose love language includes physical touch and words of affirmation;

“show me that you want me, show me that you need me. Tell me that you love me and I go dey okay.”

Joeboy tells a story of addiction in this upbeat mushy song. This is one you’ll definitely want to listen to with your partner. 

The tempo and smoothness of RUNWAY draw you in. It’s a lovey-dovey you want to play to your lover to affirm your love for them and the hypnotic effect their love has on you.

LONELY is undeniably one of his hits. It follows the direction of obsession which is the central theme of the album. This is your go-to song probably after a fight with my partner in the morning. 

CONSENT joins the list of socially conscious music in Nigeria as the lyrics subtly hammers on the issue of women’s right; 

“woman no be your property, treat her right, don’t treat her badly. She no be game wey you dey use dey play”

Joeboy employs an African chant that harmonizes with the feel of the instrumentals. 

OSHE and OH are both love songs. While the former employs a velvety mid-tempo that restricts it to a private party playlist, the other is upbeat and will pass for a club jam where you’ll be able to put in some legworks and body movements.

The kind of love Joeboy describes in SUGARMAMA is just the perfect love everyone dreams of. No drama. No stress. Just love, InshaaAllah, and vacation to Paris and Rome. Is that not diabetes-inducing?

BETTER THING is just a groove, gracefully delivered. The comfort in Joeboy’s voice is evident amid the steady beat. 

Finally, the Baby crooner celebrates himself and his bright future in CELEBRATION. It’s a song filled with positivity and a potential evergreen.

Conclusively, this is a body of work that dwells on love in its different forms. The mix of English, pidgin, and Yoruba makes it a delectable album. One wouldn’t be wrong to say this one is a profit pull for Empawa as the conciseness of the tracks in the album lends it to more listens. 


By: Shomade Abdulazeez

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