Raffeal Shares New Single “Let You Go”

Raffeal, the rising Nigerian-American music sensation, is back with another captivating single titled “Let You Go.” This song is a pivotal moment for Raffeal, as it allows listeners to experience his enchanting musical talent intimately.

Let You Go

“Let You Go” is a mid-tempo Afro-pop hit that showcases Raffeal’s storytelling ability. The song is inspired by a true story of heartbreak, narrated from his friend’s perspective. Raffeal’s friend was heartbroken and found it difficult to let go of his love, which inspired Raffeal to write this song.

“Let You Go” has already started gaining momentum on social media, with its snippet shared on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. The song’s shock value and replayability are expected to make it soar up the charts in various markets. The official video set to be released 27 March across all videos platforms.

Reflecting on his journey so far, Raffeal shared that he fell in love with music at the age of 12 when he started playing the piano in Nigeria. He continued playing for his choir when he moved to America. However, he did not start recording Afrobeats until early 2021, and he believes he has only gotten better since then.

Raffeal also emphasized his commitment to making timeless music that focuses on love and avoids violent or aggressive themes. He believes music should be soothing, calming, and pleasing to the ear, and he intends to continue creating music that resonates with his fans for years to come.

Let You Go Raffael

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