Yokinto Releases Erotica Lady, a Thought Provoking Single

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Yokinto Erotica

Erotica Lady is Yokinto’s medium of expressing his observation of the different lifestyle choices young ladies make these days in order to meet ends meet. As the title suggests, Yokinto believes, and expresses that young ladies use erotic means to earn a living, and as a result, true love withers.


Yokinto Erotica



In Erotica Lady, its creator, Yokinto sings about how young ladies pick on vices such as ardent strong-headedness against authorities, “hookup” and other related sexual and morally depleted traits in order to make ends meet. The song indirectly portrays the economic misfortunes of the times that warrant economically sidelined gender, ladies, to take the easier route out.

Yokinto Erotica Lady

Yokinto’s Erotica Lady is taken off his forthcoming debut Extended Playlist (EP) which he titled “Alien Hunter” said to be released soon.



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