So you have a friend who’s an upcoming artist, but you don’t know how to support them? You care about them, you see their struggles, but they don’t have a record label or the big financial power that can help them blow. They are what the industry calls indie musicians. So how can you help? We’ve created a list of 10 ways you can support your indie musician friend. Let’s go.

1. Follow On Social Media

This is a no-brainer, obviously. If you care about any artist, you’d definitely follow them on social media. You’ll like all their posts, give them a comment on YouTube, quote their tweets. This might tell the algorithm that their posts are important, and get them more reach than you can imagine.

2. Share Their Posts And Music

You love their posts and music? Then don’t hoard it, share it with others. Retweet. Repost. Share on your insta stories and WhatsApp status. Talk about their songs to new people. Channel the same energy you use in sharing stuff from celebrities to indie artists. You can even form a tribe of stans on their behalf. This might mean a lot to would-be promoters, prospective labels, major talent recruiters and A&Rs.

3. Join Live Streams

A pool of audience is very important to every musician. And to independent, growing artists, every number matters. When they start a live on Instagram or Facebook, for example, endeavour to join, engage with other people on the stream. It helps to motivate the indie musician.


4. Pay Them For Private Events

How do you help your friend who’s an independent artist (or any indie artist for that matter) raise money? Hiring and paying them for an event is a good way. If you’re not the one inviting them, recommend them to people. Get them to perform at weddings, house parties, birthday parties, reunions. This will make sure they get the recognition they deserve. And avoid gigs that get them paid in “exposure”: nobody buys fuel with exposure.


5. Buy Tickets To Their Shows

Another good way to help an indie musician financially is to buy tickets to their shows. You can’t say you love your friends, if you’re not investing in what they do. Be the first to buy the ticket. Or attend the ones where they are invited as guest artists. It’s more supportive when you’re there at the show. You get to be the one hyping and singing along as they sing. It makes people take interest in them.


6. Create videos with their songs

In this age of TikTok super music promotion power, you don’t want to sleep on making a video with songs from an artist you support. Make videos on reels, Snapchat, product videos. The more the song gets heard, the more people will recognize it, especially if your video happens to go viral.


7. Put Their Songs on Playlists and Repeat

Adding songs to playlists help them become more discoverable. Also, repeating songs multiple times helps boost the royalty they get from streaming platforms.


8. Buy their Projects

Your favourite indie artists just released a merch? Buy it and flaunt it. They just released an EP or an Album? Purchase it! Invest in them.


9. Donate to them

Many indie artists will raise money to complete an upcoming project. Be part of that process by contributing to their crowdfunding campaign. This might even get you something in return, like an exclusive to the album listening or a pre-release copy of the work.


10. Hype them but don’t forget to give them constructive feedback.

So yeah, we know you want your favourite indie artist blow, but are you being honest with them regarding the quality of their songs and posts? When you notice something off about their conduct on social media or not-so-good production, be honest with them but be kind with your words. Make sure your comments aren’t coming off as negative vibes. Be constructive with your feedback. You can tell them how you like the lyrics of the song before going on to mention how the sound wasn’t good enough. If they also handle criticisms well, they’ll know to do better in future.


Some of the best things you can do to support your friend, or any indie artist don’t even involve spending a dime. Most fans that help push the popularity of an artist don’t even get to spend their money. This is true especially for Afrobeats artists. How much have you spent on Wizkid? You just keep sharing his songs. Supporting. Defending like he hired you. When in reality you may have never met him. And that’s the kind of support your indie musician friend needs.

Support them, encourage them, validate their struggles. It matters a lot.


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