5 Easy Ways To Get More Streams and Followers on Spotify

“It’s hard getting on Spotify. It isn’t easy at all to get noticed too. I’ve spent a lot and I still I’m not getting the streams I want. E be like I no go do Spotify again. Please help me.” Unsigned Artist


Today, the potential Spotify has, makes it a necessary part avenue of emerging/upcoming artists to grow their popularity.  And it could seem hard to navigate. That is why most artists spend a lot on getting Spotify streams only to end up broke without income. But worry not, young superstar, we’re here to help. 


When we talk of Spotify, we’re talking about the largest streaming service in the world with more than 345 million active users and 70 million paid subscribers in over 95 markets including Nigeria where it launched on the 23rd of February, 2021. It is unarguable that the platform is one of the hottest tastemakers in the modern music industry, using a host of curated and algorithmic playlists to help artists get discovered thereby increasing engagements. Dope, isn’t it? 


Quickly get these on your mind:

  • You don’t need to be signed or have a record deal to get your music on music platforms. Spotify works with artist-aggregators like 69entertainmentbrand and others to get their content uploaded.
  • Getting on playlists isn’t the only way to get streams on Spotify.
  • Although things can be slow, making things work for you on Spotify isn’t a secret and that’s why we’re happy to share this with you. 


So, what can you do to beat the Spotify algorithm to get more streams and followers?  


1- Curate Your Own Playlist 

With the rejection and budget that goes into getting playlist curators to work with you, the simplest way to get ahead is to create your own playlist. In fact, although playlisting Spotify’s algorithm in your favour— it gets you more but the thing most people don’t know is, listeners, ignore your profile without following you or even saving your song. Thus, you have to get ahead of playlist editors and increase your exposure on the media by being creative. You can also trade your content with other curators like 69Entertainment to increase your presence and get more followers on Spotify. Check out our music room on Spotify


2- Advertise On Social Media Platforms 

Share your Spotify links on your social media platforms. Advertising on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram helps you gain data-driven growth. It allows you to better understand the full spectrum of who and where is the primary consumer of the musical content delivered. It allows you to also reach your audience much more easily. 


3- Use Emails

Are you still sleeping on the importance of an email list? 

The best way to connect with an audience is to reach them through personalized means. And an email list is an absolutely valuable tool to create reach for your music.  Get on it ASAP.


4- Build a Better Brand Image 

Having a strong brand image is important to pull in the audience. You should get verified on Spotify as an artist, and build a branded page for your promotions. Although people are usually skeptical about following promotions from unbranded pages, you can simply create a page with a branded label of your choosing, and push ads through that page. OR collaborate with a page such as 69Entertainment Brand. 

And once you’re all set up, start driving traffic to your Spotify, and specifically to your page. This method is designed to drive active listeners to your site, who are more likely to listen to your songs, save, follow, or even play it on repeat.


5- Support Other Unsigned Artists

Collaboration is one of those tools that make things easier in the music industry. Find other independent artists whose music appeals to you. Curate a playlist and put their music on. This allows you to cross-promote and tap into each other’s audience base. 69 Entertainment has a number of independent artists we work with to cross-promote their content and gain more streams on Spotify.


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