7 Effective Ways to Find and Target Your Fans

7 Effective Ways to Find and Target Your Fans - 69 Entertainment

I once had a secondary school classmate who loved and wanted to do music, his constant words were “I want the whole world singing my song”. I would applaud his wishful thoughts and hope that would one day, come through. But now, I know better.  In this article, I’ll share with you how to find and target your fans. 

Realistically, the whole world can’t sing your song but, your “own world” can.

What does that even mean?

Your own world are the fans that you built or ones that fell in love with you and your music. Think of the FC, Simi Army, BTS fans, Outsiders, Tatibiji and others. By now, you should know that there is no career without an audience even if it’s the people in your house. 


How then do you find and target your fans?

How To Find Your Target Audience & Create Content That Connects

When it comes to reaching your fans, getting started is more important than getting it right. We know the music industry is hard to navigate, convincing people to love you could be harder; that’s why we’ve crafted these 7 effective tactics you can use to create your own world.

Shall, we?


  • Be Aware of Yourself 

Music is a business that needs awareness to thrive, even more so your self-awareness. You need to know who you are, why you sing, how you sing and what you sing. 

Make time to discover yourself fully and find the uniqueness in your art and an identity/brand will be built therein. One thing I am sure of is a solid branding always attracts and targets the audience. 


  • Suit Up!

No, I don’t mean you should put on a suit— or maybe you can, whatever works for you. Here is what I’m saying; you are now self-aware. The only sane step afterward is branding. You know the ingredients that make you, then it’s easy to get a package that tells us about you. Here, you have to be intentional rather than spontaneous. 

I am reminded of how Blaqbonez “suited up” with his own spice of craziness. In his video with Korty, he said “my craziness is intentional, it is a strategy”

Tell your story; what style does your music give? What strategy do you intend to adopt to find  and target your fans?


  • Improve Your Social Media Presence

If you’re still sleeping on the effectiveness of social media in reaching your audience, I’m sorry you’re on a long thing. There are so many benefits for you on social media. It makes it easy for potential fans (and even record labels) to find you.

How do you increase your social media presence?

-Use hashtags 

-Start and follow trends 

-Do giveaway 

-Be accommodating and interact with people online

-Share Visual contents 

-Share Other Forms of art that you love.


If you’re one that doesn’t value your audience on social media. Stop doing it. Taink you.


  • Collaborate!

I can’t stress this enough. There are lots of advantages attached to collaborating with other artists. One of them is you get to tap into their fans thereby, targeting new fans and increasing your fan base. Carefully choose artists that are into genres different from yours as well as those that are into your genre home and abroad. Explore with different producers. Collaborate with fans too. 


  • Know and Put Yourself in Their Shoes

You and your music should be a mirror to your fans. Sho get? I mean your fans should see themselves in you and your music. No better way to find and target fans than making them find you relatable.

After collaborating and seeing the fans that want and like you, find out what interested them the most about you. Send out a poll, ask a series of fun questions and answer them on your Instagram stories. 


It can be your dressing, voice or the slangs and adlibs. 

Give them more of those things and wear their shoes. 

The good thing about this is that, they don’t just fall in love with your consistency, they introduce your songs to more fans and spread your gospel to anyone and everyone. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.


  • Do Live Performances

It’s no news that every artist has had a concert or live performance of any kind. 2020 was a year of virtual life performances and a lot of fans still connected with the faves. I attended one musician’s virtual live performance and it spurred me to immediately go to like all their posts on Instagram. There was a connection between the artist and me. You create yours too through live performances.

In addition to concerts, you can attend community festivals and carnivals. You can surprise a couple by singing at their wedding if your song is one with romance and love. You can sing at clubs and gatherings to get people to notice you. 

This is a great means of targeting and finding your offline fans.


  • Deliver Good Songs

There’s a saying about, “saving the best for the last”. In this case, I saved the most important for the last. There will be no fan if there isn’t good music. If you know you’re not going to deliver correct gbedu, forget all the things I’ve been saying since. 

A good song finds and targets fans, eventually.

Do you know what they say about lovers? 

They give their all. Fans will do the same when they love your song. 

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