8 Effective Ways to Promote Your Music on TikTok. 

Music promotion on TikTok


We’ve talked about why you should use TikTok for music promotion. But, coming up with ideas on how to do it effectively is hard. So, this article shows you 8 effective ways to promote your music on TikTok.


Before we dive in: take note of these TikTok don’ts to avoid being banned. 

  • Don’t upload spam, offensive or harmful content.
  • Don’t use of banned hashtags
  • Don’t delete a large volume of content in one go
  • Don’t use copyrighted content without credit to the owner. 
  • Avoid following and unfollowing many users in a sitting

So let’s get into it: 

8 Effective Ways to promote your music on TikTok. 

  • 1.Focus on TikTok-friendly Music

If your track is going to go viral on TikTok, you need to create TikTok-friendly music. What does that actually mean?

While your track will generally last for about 2-4 minutes,  TikTok’s music content is usually 15-30seconds long. So, you have to create “TikTok virility potential” within your song. That is, catchy lyrics or rhythms that are relatable enough for TikTok’s users to create their own video content around it. 

  • 2. Create challenges & contests

Like a warzone, TikTok is home for challenges and contests. But the challenges and contests there don’t kill. They are fun to watch and they help you increase your reach. So you have to encourage fans and followers to take part in challenges specific to your track using a specific hashtag. 

You want to give people a chance to be creative and put their own unique twist on an existing trend. That’s why it’s important to have “TikTok friendly music”.

Some of the most popular challenges on TikTok usually involve:

  • Dance routines
  • Lip syncing
  • Costumes
  • Comedy memes
  • Transition Videos 

Yeah, your post might blow up with little effort. But you want to be intentional about what you do. So, to generate the viral sensation you want, follow up with everyone that participates in your challenge.  

You could even reward contest winners with cash prizes, a feature in your music video, a signed merch or free ticket. 

  • 3.  Share Posts to Other Platforms

You see those challenge videos from TikTok, post it on your Instagram Stories or Reels. That will help you reach even more people with your TikTok content. 

Some people can remix your reel and create a video in Instagram from your TikTok content. 

  • 4.  Use music influencer marketing campaign

You could also use music influencers to promote your challenge on TikTok. These influencers are usually very creative with their videos. That way, you can attract more people to track and content.

You can also get an influencer to use your song as a soundtrack on their video (with a song credit in the caption). Or Film themselves lip-syncing to your song.

  • 5. Do a duet or Cover. 

Duets are another easy and amazing way to engage with fellow TikTokers and reach a new fanbase. The Duet feature lets you put two videos together side-by-side playing simultaneously.

You could collaborate  with another musician or cover their songs to help each other reach new listeners, or react to a popular influencer’s videos hoping that more people will see your profile and follow.

  • 6. Use Hashtags

Just like other social media platforms, TikTok’s hashtags are usually responsible for its viral contents.

Choosing popular or highly searched hashtags, can increase the chances of your video appearing in TikTok’s “Discover” & “For You” tabs.

Make sure to Include a combination of hashtags in anything you post. You can choose those specific to you and your content plus more general ones. Just check out current trending hashtags to help reach more people.

  • 7. Convert followers into music fans

Your main goal for promoting your music on TikTok through short video content is to convert your followers into real life active listeners of your music, yes? 

TikTok knows that, so it has a song page which is attached to every song that’s officially distributed on TikTok. This includes a link to the song on Spotify or Apple Music which will encourage users to go and listen to the full version of the song on the music streaming platform you put them on. 

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This also includes a link to the artist’s official TikTok account, so make sure you have an official account that can act as a bridge point between TikTok and other music platforms.

  • 8. Use Analytics

Finally, aside from the obvious different contents you see flying around with your music as a soundtrack, how would you know if you’re reaching people who you’re reaching?

Before you begin any promotional campaign, you have to be sure about your goals and measure them as you go along that campaign. 

TikTok, like Instagram & Twitter, has its own analytics tool that helps content creators access important data and metrics about their content and engagement for free, within your TikTok account.

Also, with TikTok Pro, you can track your follower count, your video views, your audience demographics, and get data on what type of content is working best for you. To switch to a Pro account, simply go to the “Manage my account” tab, and click Switch to TikTok Pro.

In our next post, we’ll show you more TikTok Analytics to use for your campaign success. 


But I don’t have followers yet, how do I build my fan base on TikTok?
  1. Follow enmasse

Following is the best way to begin building an audience base on TikTok. Once you get on TikTok, start following people straight away! Follow other artists, popular influencers and follow back everyone who follows you. But don’t follow too many people in one sitting. 

  1. Post Visuals & memes

Yes, you’re here to promote your song, but engage with other relatable, hilarious and inspiring contents. You don’t need a perfect shot, just make it interesting.

  1. Be Authentic

Authenticity is what makes people thrive on TikTok. Show people localized contents. That is, around your environment. Your studio, maybe. Something unrelated to your music. Remember we said you don’t need a perfect shot. Just be authentic. Authenticity isn’t perfection. It’s embracing the perfect imperfection.

(think about it. Don’t just share the quote. Share the post too).


Know any other great tips for music promotion on new TikTok users ? Comment below. We’re always looking for great new ways to help musicians (especially indies) reach their goals.

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