[N.E.W.S] Top Ten Songs of The Week – #July10th

New Eclectic and Worthwhile Songs – July 10th, 2021


Welcome to another week of our New Eclectic and Worthwhile Songs. Today seems like the most lit week yet for the global music industry. Aurora, Bella Shmurda, Shaybo, Santan Dave, Phyno, Adekunle Gold and a host of others. 


Bella Shmurda – High Tension 2.0 Ep

This is a different Bella from the one we know, different vibe, different sound or should I say evolved sound.

You just can’t help but to fall in love with this Ep right from the first track.

Definitely one for all moods.


Boj, Amaarae, Zamir – Money and Laughter 

“…fucking up the pussy when we rampage 

Money in my mind, my disadvantage…”

This sounds seductive; not just the lyrics, but the alte vibe that comes from the sound.

It might just be me, but there really is something seductive and this song. 

An alte sound that you will best enjoy while chilling.


Phyno – Bia

I really didn’t understand much of the lyrics but well, we all love Phyno, don’t we?

A slow paced thanksgiving song with perfect backups and littered with igbo traditional beats. 


Show Dem Camp – The Algorhythm Album

This is one album I have been really anticipating and I love every bit of it

A rap album talking about the ills of our society (Nigeria precisely); the perfect rap album for this “coconut head generation” in my opinion 

“I wake up in the morning and see my people dreaming big, thriving and innovating…and only one thought crosses my mind, how can I crush their dream today…” 


Dr Dolor, Buju – Baba Nla

Dr Dolor teams up with all Nigerian current favourite, Buju to create this.

“I be the baba nla”

A beautiful song laced with a thread of arrogance and pride (made it beautiful, trust me).


Aurora- Cure For Me 

Once you fall in love with this woman’s music, it’s almost like there’s no going back. 

In this track, you just have to love the coconut mall in the instrumental, the message and the voice.

Cure For Me subtly addresses how the world treats “misfits and weirdos”; the criticisms and how they breed self-doubt. Aurora uses this as an inspiration for those misfits to tell them nothing is wrong, seeing herself as one that falls into that category; “I don’t need a cure for me”


Shaybo- Friendly ft Haile

I’ve always been attracted to the villians

that’s why I fell in love with a guy from prison”


Shaybo is indisputably good with how she delivers her lyrics— the Queen of the South for real. 

And oh, damn Haile has to be the king of hooks in the UK. 


Adekunle Gold – Sinner ft Lucky Daye

“if I can’t have you nobody can”

Looking for a track that expresses your undying, obsessive love for that person? Here it is. 


Trust Adekunle Gold to do justice to the topic. And Lucky Daye understood the assignment just right.




Omah Lay – Understand

I enter rain cuz I give you umbrella

I thought we in this together

Give you my necklace pendant 

Give you my last card you spend am

I show you my best friend you friend am

Everything I do, I no fit understand.

This is his latest track after a while and it’s funny how he came up with a track that’s baby worthy— bants about how a bad boy like Omah Lay can feel heartbroken.

Aside from delivery, Omah Lay’s unique voice is something to always cherish in every of his projects. 


Dave- Clash ft Stormzy

“Don’t get caught for pus, don’t die for nyash”

 Dave and Stormzy dropped rounds of bars on this one. And the instrumental would have your trippin’

How many times are you going to put this on repeat? Definitely more than one.

This song should have been titled One instead of Clash, ’cause there are so many lines rhyming with one. 



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