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“I want to have a huge fanbase that would worship me like FC”, my friend said as she stared at the sky. I asked how. She looked back at me almost like I had asked her to solve a puzzle. She first began to stutter then she went blank”. Her goal wasn’t only vague. She also didn’t have a plan to achieve her goals.

The key to achieving your goals and to placing yourself at the forefront of the music industry is to create an action plan that works. 


Music is a business. Creating great sounds and hoping they sell without a plan or some sort of strategy to sell them is a joke, and the joke is on you as the artist. 


A music action plan is a strategy that outlines what you need to do to meet your goals in the music industry. A well drafted and executed action plan can take you further than your intended goals, place you on par with the biggest artists in the music industry and get you the recognition you deserve. 


Though it doesn’t come easy. It requires a carefully drafted and tested plan, with a lot of work and dedication. 


Importance Of Planning Your Music Career


Taking meaningful strides in your music career will be tough without a great action plan for your career. Here are three things sticking to a plan for your career would do for you – 


The music scene is a highly competitive place. You have got loads of other music artists (good ones) with similar sounds like you, vying for the same audience with you (sounds scary right?). An action plan sets you apart from them. 


Beautiful music is a must, but a plan to get you and your music out there is a must-er. This shows dedication on your part to your audience, and provides momentum for your career. 


It Allows You Identify Your Fans And Motivate Them

Knowing your fans and what motivates them is essential for a music career. A great plan grows your little amount of listeners and makes them part of the foundation to a great music career.


It Keeps Your Challenges In Check And Provide A Path For Your Long Term Goals

An action plan saves you from the stress of running administrative business yourself and last minute changes. Being caught out without a plan is frustrating, it takes your focus from creating your music. 


Planning saves you time you need to do all you need and helps you prioritise creating your sounds. 


In creating your action plan, your marketing plans, branding plans, plans for your project launch and retention plans should be of high interest. This is because they set the benchmark for a successful career. 


5 Tips On Creating An Action Plan That Works

1. Know What You Want And Set Your Goals

Vague concepts will lead you nowhere. Do you want a record deal with Marvins or 30BG or what?


Be clear on what you want and look to achieve, develop a clear picture of it in your mind, immerse yourself in it. It motivates you and makes you unstoppable. 


Now, set your goals and write them down to constantly remind you of what you are chasing. 


2. Identity Your Benefits And Obstacles You Might Encounter 

Understanding why you want this can be the fuel that drives you to success. The best way to understand why you want it is to list what you stand to gain from doing it. Is it because of family, recognition or fame?


This is how hobbyists are separated from the people who are ready for the business of music. 


Also, make no mistakes, there are a lot of obstacles willing to stop you on your track. Identify the immediate ones you can think of and how to tackle them.


3. Identity The People And Resources You Will Need

You will need a creative management team to help you. This team will be headed by your manager who has a “long leg”. He/she has to be able to get you any resource needed for your career growth. 


From nightclubs, studios, A&Rs, bloggers, newspaper publications, music interviews, producers, graphic designers and so on. 


We at 69 Entertainment possess the right management team connections in Nigeria and the UK to help you achieve your goals and set your music career on the right path. Contact us here.

4. Create Your Plan

Break your goals down into small steps and create your plan. Don’t leave out the little details like making a call or setting up a social media page. 


Write down each step you plan to take and alternatives. Give room for adjustment and always revisit your action plan. 


5. Measure Your Progress 

After a while of working on your goal (say a month or two), revisit your plan. 

Check what has been working and what hasn’t. 

  • Is your career growing fast or not? 
  • Is there any need for an adjustment or should you stick to the original action plan?
  • Do you need more help or not?
  • What have I achieved?


These are some questions you should answer to measure your progress.  


Note: Do more of what works well for you and drop what doesn’t work for you. 


In conclusion, don’t be like my friend. Have a clear goal and an actionable plan. The business of making and selling music is not one for the just talented or just hardworking man. It requires a lot of hardwork and talent for the artist and his/her team. 

An action plan not only better positions you as an artist for a successful career, it saves your time and cuts frustration that may arise during your career. 


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