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RUS (Rent Ur Status) has just launched as a speed marketing and advertising app that allows businesses to reach their market within a short time through a crowd earning model.

RUS is an platform that addresses marketing and advertising needs globally. Its model allows users to earn while sharing sponsored content. With this model, businesses can speed up their market reach and go viral in no time.


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How Does it work?

To a user; RUS is a social platform where you as a content creator can post contents (Skits, Pictures, Videos etc.) And also earn money sharing sponsored contents.

To a business; it’s an advertising platform where you can post and boost business contents for users to share on their social network.

As a business owner, you lodge in your Advert campaign on RUS with a token (5,000 & above), users visit the RUS app to view the Advert campaign for 30 seconds and then share on their social media accounts


How Can You Advertise or Earn on RUS

Earning on RUS takes 4 simple steps.

Create an Account

Creating an account allows you to sign up as a brand or user on RUS.

Subscribe to a Business

Subscribe to a brand to get ADs updates from them and your links.


Share Your Links

Share your links on your social media accounts and get people to view the AD too.

Get Paid

Get paid for viewing the AD and commissions on sales made from sharing your links.


Where Can I Find The App?

Rus is registered company in Nigeria, Uk and the US.  And the app is available to users android and iOS users on Playstore and Apple store.

Click HERE to learn more about RUS.


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