Sammek Entertainment Set to Hold Laolu Gbenjo’s US Tour 

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Laolu Gbenjo and the LG Band has over the years been reckoned to be a group of multitalented artistic members centered on performing a unique kind of African cultural heritage in a traditional and electrifying style of singing and dancing. The performances at their shows are composed of rare energy, applauding compositions— a genius kind of craftsmanship and an embodiment of passion for what they do.

With a focus on culture uniqueness seasoned with dance and singing in unique African and Nigerian languages popularly grilled into highlife, contemporary highlife, juju and Alujo the international community were given a need to hear more of Laolu Gbenjo. Billed for the Festival of Culture tour powered by US based, Sammek Moments Arts and Cultural Entertainment, Laolu and his band are set to hit several cities across the United States serenading them with what they know how to do best in their deliciously performed African tunes.

The Electrifying performer, Laolu Gbenjo needs no introduction in the musical performance circle, both in Nigeria and in diaspora as his performances and energy speaks for itself. Attesting on what to expect at his tour he shred that, “I do highlife, contemporary highlife, juju music which is deeply rooted in African and Nigerian Music. Attendees of the tour should expect an electrifying performance seasoned with a lot of energy, dance and an atmosphere of happiness all round.”

With a career that began professionally in 2008, he has long gone ahead to have impacted thousands all over the world. With successful performances held across different states in Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, UK and virtual shows across the globe he is surely a force to reckon with. Himself and his musical band has together graced big events for the prominently high and mighty of this country and would also be performing this April in the UK with several cities slated already for his shows.

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