Promote or Die in the Trenches: 5 Ways to Promote Your Song in 2022

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Making it in the music industry is hard. Especially if you’re an independent musician.

Last week, I met my friend, Tunnex. He was just coming back from the studio. I’ve known Tunnex since secondary school days and he’s a very talented songwriter. We talked about his upcoming music project. He told me about the crazy stuff the producer had done on the song. I was happy for him.

So I asked him what plans he has to promote his song. His answer shocked me. My jaw literally dropped.

“I no too dig music promotion, chief“, Tunnex said. Immediately I replied, “You go die for this trenches oh”. 

How can you not dig music promotion and expect to make it? With prayers on the mountain?

Asking further, I got to see that it wasn’t that Tunnex didn’t believe in music promotion. He just didn’t have the money. That can be tough. But there are various means you can promote your song by spending little or no money at all.

Based on my experience in music marketing working with independent artists and label artists, here are 5 effective tips and tricks I shared with Tunnex that will help you with your music promotions.


1. Build a Strong Social Media Presence

It’s 2022 and you’re hoping to blow in the music industry without social media? You’re a joke, my friend.

Haven’t you seen the power of TikTok? Many songs have gone viral this year alone thanks to TikTok. If you don’t know how to use TikTok effectively check out this article where we talked about Everything You Need to Know about TikTok Music Promotion.

Social media platforms are the most popular, easiest and favorite tool for music promotion. You can easily promote your music by posting photos or videos of your music on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Struggling with what to post? Check this article where we talk about how you can come up with content and use it effectively.

How to grow your fanbase with content marketing


2. Know Your Audience

Can you answer this question: Who do you sing for?

If you say everybody, dem suppose beat you. All the big artists you know sef don’t sing for everybody. You think say na everybody like Burna Boy song? As Asa popular reach, she no sing for everybody.

Some people sing for people that can relate to “she tell me say”. Some sing for people that want deep lyrics. Some just sing all types of mannerless things for people with no mannaz.

If your own is to sing for people that can relate to suffering in the trenches. Why not?

Think about it this way. If you were to choose a particular genre-related category to be nominated for in the Headies, which would it be? Street-Hop? Rap? Alternative Song? R&B? Reggae and Dancehall?

Once you figure out your genre, you sing for people that love that genre. It’s easier to promote your song to them than the general audience.

It doesn’t surprise you that some label artist don’t have what you’ll call viral songs, but they’re making it? It’s because their music is meant for a particular audience. And they stick to that audience.

Knowing your audience also helps you to build and grow a brand and fanbase that’s loyal to you. The fans will even help you promote your song without a dime.

Branding: 5 Tips On Building a Brand For An Artist



3. Create an Action Plan

The wrong thing people do when they say their music promotion doesn’t have results is because they don’t have a plan.

You’ve heard the cliche before: if you fail to plan you, plan to fail.  

You need to strategize. No, you don’t have to be a genius. There are simple music marketing strategies you should know in this industry.



You just have to wise up. Even Portable sef wise up.

Have a start point:

  • Do you want to start music promotion before or after you release your song?

I’ll advise you to start before. Create a hype. Make people anticipate. Share snippets. You see every artist doing it. Shout on Twitter about how good your song is.

You can even call out big artists, if you’re comfortable with bragado like Blaqbonez. If you’re not, it’s fine. No be everybody fih craze like Emeka.

Decide on a release date. Then, choose a platform for promotion. Make a list of people you want to work with. Which kind of content do you need to use for promotion?

Should you create a dance challenge for your song? Or a creative TikTok video challenge? Or all of the above.

Release your song and follow your action plan.


4. Make Connections

This tip might seem hard to follow if you’re an introvert. Shy to talk to people. I’ll tell you how you can make it easier.

You can make connections simply by commenting on fellow independent artists’ work. Repost their works. Praise them genuinely. You’ll see they’ll notice. You might not even have to ask them before they share your works too.

You have to know that sooner or later, you’ll have to face people as an artist. So you should also attend events within and outside your area and perform your songs.

Offer to help business people promote their business using your music talent.

Make friends with graphics designers. Radio personalities. Marketing strategist. Don’t expect them to do things for you for free though. They might just be willing to share helpful advice with you for free like I’m doing for my friend Tunnex.


5. Form a PR Team or Hire one

Now this is one thing most people don’t talk about. Having a team of your own.

You cannot do this music thing alone.

Your team doesn’t have to be A-list professionals. Just look within your house. If your family is against your music, then look within friends.

Look for the ones that like amebo on social media. The ones that post a lot and have plenty friends. Check the ones that do TikTok videos very well. You can even add the one that is always shouting about affiliate marketing. Do you have DJ friends too?

Bring them together to help you hype your music. Their effort will go a long way.

If you think you’re a loner without that range of friends, you can hire a PR team like 69 Entertainment to help you with your music promotion at an affordable price.



There’s no way your music can reach a larger audience if you don’t promote it. While some strategies will get you viral numbers, some will get you only a few thousands. That’s something. You don’t have to beat yourself too much about reaching high numbers at once. Even the big artists under labels have songs that don’t get millions of listeners after investing a lot of money. But they keep moving. It doesn’t mean the promotion wasn’t successful.


Let us know which of these tips you’ll be trying out with your next project.

If you need further help on how to be successful with you next music project, you can reach out to us today at:

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